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Our personal and practical investment property accountants apply proven strategies to boost your return on investment while staying in line with ATO regulations. Whether you’re just starting out or wish to optimise your growing portfolio, we are your trusted partner on your road to financial success.

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Ready to take the guesswork out of your investment journey? At Thiel Partners, we are well-versed in the specific tax implications related to real estate, including deductions, exemptions, and depreciation rules. Our investment property tax specialists stay up to date with all industry changes, performing regular reviews of your portfolio to identify opportunities to optimise your cash flow and enhance profitability.

As an accredited Xero Platinum Partner, we utilise the latest software and technology to produce accurate cash flow analysis and predictions, ensuring 100% compliance as we help you smash your financial goals. Here’s a breakdown of our key property tax services:

  • Portfolio analysis (including cash flow and property valuation)
  • Income tax withholding variation
  • Financial reporting (including income statements and balance sheets)
  • Bookkeeping
  • Tax filing, optimisation and depreciation analysis
  • Entity structuring
  • Budgeting and financial forecasting
  • Financial auditing and compliance checks

Safeguard your wealth and real estate holdings from potential risks, liabilities, and unexpected circumstances with our expert asset protection strategies. As your dedicated property accountant, we build a secure financial foundation, shielding your assets from legal, financial, and personal threats, including market dips, dodgy tenants and vacancy rates.

We’re used to dealing with diverse investment portfolios. Our transparent, no-nonsense approach ensures you stay fully informed of all potential investment risks. Some of our key asset protection strategies include:

  • Entity Structuring (companies, trusts, or partnerships, to minimise personal liability)
  • Insurance Strategies (including liability, property, and landlord insurance)
  • Tax Efficiency (including depreciation strategies and tax deductions)
  • Legal Guidance
  • Estate Planning
  • Debt Management (reduce interest expenses and protect against foreclosure risks)
  • Asset Allocation
  • Trust Account Set Up (including living trusts or family trusts)

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Our hands-on approach and knowledge of complex property tax laws allow us to provide specialised and compliant advice to experienced or first-time investors. With Thiel Partners in your corner, no goal is too out of reach, no dream is too big. We’ll handle everything from A-Z so you can focus on living carefree and comfortably.

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Some quick answers for you

Property accounting systematically tracks monetary inflows and outflows associated with renting out real estate to calculate the overall gains or losses. This practice offers landlords or rental business owners/managers a comprehensive view of their rental revenue and expenditures, enabling them to formulate improved strategies and enhance profitability.

This all depends on your current situation and future goals. Superannuation can be a favourable choice if you aim to secure a dependable income during your retirement years. However, if you seek an investment that can offer both pre-retirement enjoyment and the possibility of substantial returns, property investment could be the way to go. Speak to our trusted team for tailored advice today.

A good investment property hinges on several key factors: location, property type alignment with goals, strong rental income potential, local market performance, property condition, financing options, cash flow, appreciation potential, exit strategy, risk assessment, legal compliance, and a long-term vision.

In Australia, Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is a tax imposed on the profits from selling certain assets, typically real estate. When you sell your investment property at a higher price than initially paid, the yield is considered a capital gain, and you may be subject to CGT.