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At Thiel Partners, we’re proud to offer personalised, value-driven audit services spanning various industries and sectors. As business owners ourselves, we know how time-consuming and headache-inducing the audit process can be. We stay at the forefront of ever-evolving regulatory requirements, ensuring that your audit is a stress-free experience marked by the highest levels of professionalism.

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Our industry-leading audit services thoroughly examine and verify listed and unlisted public companies. Using elite software and decades of diverse experience, we guarantee financial transparency, compliance, and accuracy. You can rely on us to deliver comprehensive audit solutions tailored to the distinct needs of your listed or unlisted company, fostering trust and confidence in financial reporting.

In Australia, listed companies are subject to strict reporting and disclosure requirements, as their shares are listed and traded on a stock exchange, such as the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Unlisted companies are not listed on a stock exchange but can still offer shares to the public. While they still have financial reporting obligations, they are typically less rigorous than listed companies.

Our team of Registered Company Auditors brings a wealth of expertise and attention to detail to determine the accuracy and integrity of your financial records. Chat with us today to receive personalised auditing advice.

Thiel Partners specialises in forensic audits. With a high attention to detail and due diligence, we dissect individual or company financial records to reveal evidence of fraud, misconduct, or any other costly irregularities. Thousands of Australian and international clients have counted on us to show up for them in the court of law.

Thiel Partners Accountants go the extra mile, providing unparalleled support and guidance throughout the entire forensic audit process. From bribery and conflict of interest cases to asset appropriation and financial statement fraud, we’ll rigorously identify, collect and report on all relevant evidence.

Our qualified advisors and auditors clarify complex financial puzzles, helping you to achieve justice and regain control of your assets. You can depend on us to confidently present the evidence in court proceedings, simplifying any industry jargon so everyone can understand exactly what’s happened and how to fix it.

Trust accounts in real estate are financial lifelines, securely holding deposits, rent, and transaction-related funds on behalf of a client or third party. These ensure client funds remain separate from agency finances, protecting and serving the client’s intended purpose. If you hold funds on behalf of a client in a trust, it must undergo an annual audit as mandated by state regulations.

Australia implements strict trust account regulations for each state or territory, ruled by offices like the Office of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs. Thiel Partner’s meticulous record-keeping, reporting, and adherence to stringent fund-handling protocols ensure your trust account remains safe and compliant all year round.

We report any and all discrepancies, losses, deficiencies, or failures to comply with regulations, including the Estate Agent (General, Accounts, and Audit) Regulations 2018.

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With Thiel Partners audit services, you can expect a collaborative, client-centric approach. We integrate with your business to ensure we understand more than just the numbers. With a large team that has a wide variety of expertise, our goal is to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them, delivering audits that are accurate, efficient and tailored to your unique requirements.

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Some quick answers for you

The cost of a business audit in Australia can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the company, the scope of the audit, the industry, and the choice of audit firm or auditor. For an accurate estimate of audit costs for your company, give Thiel Partners a call. We are honest, transparent and eager to adapt to your unique needs and goals.

Business audit services in Australia typically involve a systematic and independent assessment of a company’s financial records, transactions, and processes. Auditing helps ensure accuracy and compliance with accounting standards, relevant laws, and state regulations. These services should be performed by a professional audit firm or certified public accountant (CPA) and are vital for maintaining financial transparency, protecting stakeholders’ interests, and upholding your business’ financial integrity.

In Australia, business audits are mandatory for public companies and large proprietary companies. Public companies are required to undergo an annual external audit of their financial statements under the Corporations Act 2001. Similarly, large proprietary companies are obligated to conduct annual audits. However, audits are not universally compulsory for all types of businesses. Smaller proprietary companies may only have a mandatory audit requirement if specified by their constitution or shareholders.

An audit can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the size and scope of your business. Reach out to our team for a more accurate timeline.