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Our bookkeeping services do more than just crunch numbers and balance the books. We strive to eradicate your financial stress and empower your business to soar to new heights. From data entry and account management to intelligent financial reporting and analysis, we’ll turn the mundane into strategic insights to drive your business to success.

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Unlock financial clarity and confidence with our bookkeeping services

Efficient data entry is the backbone of accurate financial records. With a level of precision that only top industry professionals possess, Thiel Partners record and categorise your financial transactions and business expenses with due diligence.

But that’s not all! Our experience in bank reconciliation offers extra peace of mind by aligning your financial records with your bank statements. Using laser-sharp software and technology to cross-reference your transactions, we quickly identify discrepancies or errors, making for rapid resolutions.

Don’t leave your financial compliance, security and success to chance. Let the experts handle it while you focus on what really matters – running your business!

Proper Accounts Payable (AP) management is a crucial component of smooth financial operations. It involves handling the money that a company owes to its suppliers, vendors, or creditors. At Thiel Partners, our skilful AP management team not only nurtures strong relationships with suppliers but also guarantees the uninterrupted flow of goods and services vital to your business.

Here’s everything we do to maintain your business’s financial health, reputation, and liquidity:

  • Detailed invoice processing to validate the accuracy and receipt of goods or services.
  • Punctual payment scheduling in adherence to negotiated terms.
  • Rigorous record-keeping to maintain a comprehensive financial history.
  • Proactive communication with vendors to build trust and resolve discrepancies.
  • Vigilant commitment to payment terms to avoid costly penalties.
  • Strict expense control measures for correct documentation and payments.
  • Strategic cash flow management for optimised financial liquidity.
  • Insightful reporting and analysis for confident decision-making.
  • Unwavering compliance with tax regulations and company policies to uphold integrity and transparency.

Accounts Receivable (AR) are the funds customers and partners owe your business. Proper AR Management is all about optimising a company’s cash flow and ensuring the timely collection of outstanding payments. At Thiel Partners, our AR management team does all this and more. You can rely on us to promptly resolve discrepancies and produce regular reports to get your AR performance back on track.

By streamlining the AR process, you can enhance financial stability and bolster customer relationships. Here’s a breakdown of the key tasks we perform to guarantee seamless AR management:

  • Create and send customer invoices including itemised charges, payment terms, due dates, and contact information.
  • Monitor and cross-reference incoming payments.
  • Generate and monitor ageing reports to prioritise follow-ups and collection efforts.
  • Deliver payment reminders and address inquiries related to invoices or payment terms.
  • Reconcile payments received, ensuring they match the agreed-upon terms.
  • Investigate and resolve disputes or discrepancies.
  • Develop and implement collection strategies for overdue accounts.
  • Establish and maintain credit policies.
  • Produce insightful reports for AR performance, including cash flow projections, ageing summaries, and collection metrics.
  • Achieve 100% compliance with AR legal and regulatory requirements.

At Thiel Partners, your payroll isn’t just processed – it’s perfected. By placing your trust in our payroll professionals, your business can streamline operations, eliminate errors, and ensure your valued employees are compensated promptly and properly.

Our comprehensive payroll service handles everything, so you don’t have to – from calculating wages, deductions, and taxes to directing the smooth delivery of paychecks or direct deposits. Here’s a full breakdown of how we help:

  • Employee Data Management (personal details, tax withholding forms, and bank account information for direct deposits).
  • Time and Attendance Tracking (employee work hours, leaves, and PTO accruals).
  • Payroll Calculation (employee salaries or hourly wages, overtime, bonuses, commissions, tax deductions, voluntary deductions).
  • Tax Withholding and Reporting (quarterly and annual filings).
  • Payroll Processing & Compliance (biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly).
  • Record Keeping & Auditing (payroll transactions, tax filings, and employee data for compliance and audit purposes).
  • Payment Distribution (employee paychecks or direct deposits).

In Australia, all businesses registered for GST must lodge a Business Activity Statement (BAS). Our expert BAS services take the hassle out of the tax reporting process, reducing the risk of errors and hefty fines. By entrusting Thiel Partners with your BAS requirements, you can focus on core business activities while we maintain your financial integrity and adherence to industry-relevant tax laws.

  • BAS Reconciliation – The first and crucial step of a successful BAS lodgement is reconciliation. Utilising proven methods and technology, our accountants align all financial data in the BAS reports with your company’s accounting records to guarantee 100% accuracy and compliance.
  • BAS Preparation – We’ll compile the necessary information to complete your BAS form, including GST and PAYG withholding.
  • BAS Lodgment – Once all details are confirmed, we’ll submit the BAS to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) with time to spare.

Let’s get your business books back on track

As business owners ourselves, we understand the daily challenges of running your operations without a hitch. That’s why we go above and beyond for our clients in every aspect of our bookkeeping services. We promise to make the complex simple and provide transparent, comprehensive guidance every step of the way.

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Some quick answers for you

Yes. However, it can be complex and time-consuming, so we strongly recommend seeking guidance from a registered tax agent or experienced business accountant such as Thiel Partners. If you’re uncertain about preparing a BAS statement or have concerns regarding your tax obligations, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Absolutely. Engaging a bookkeeper can give you a refreshing and qualified perspective on improving your budget management and operational efficiency. They can suggest strategies for cost reduction, offer valuable insights and ensure you stay legally compliant. Ultimately, bringing a bookkeeper on board can help you save time, effort and money in the long-run.

If you’ve recently launched a business, you should register for GST if you anticipate your GST turnover will surpass $75,000 within the initial year. Registration for GST is obligatory within 21 days of realising this prediction.

Yes. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) permits the deduction of specific bookkeeping costs from your business taxes, provided they adhere to the ATO’s essential criteria.