Your Industry – Our Accounting Expertise

Each industry is unique, with its own set of challenges and opportunities. Thiel Partners guarantees to apply proven industry expertise to boost your enterprise and smash your financial goals. Dive into our dynamic world of industry-focused accounting solutions, where your success is our top priority.

Building, Construction & Trades

We offer specialised accounting services tailored to the unique needs of the building, trades, and construction industry. Using proven insights and first-hand experience, we can help your business manage finances, navigate industry-specific regulations, and fine-tune your financial strategies for success.

Hospitality & Retail

Thiel Partners provides industry-leading accounting services designed to meet the strict needs of the hospitality and retail sectors. Our expertise ensures seamless financial management and 100% compliance with all regulations as we build strategies to help you thrive in competitive markets.

Medical & Healthcare

Experience total peace of mind, compliance assurance and seamless healthcare operations with our trusted medical accountants. Thiel Partners’ specialised services will boost your practice's financial health and well-being, covering billing, coding, insurance reimbursements, and industry compliance.

Professional Services

Whether you're in the realms of law, finance brokerage, engineering or similar, we're here to supercharge your financial management. As your strategic partners, we ensure your business seamlessly adheres to all industry regulations, unveiling strategies to encourage tangible financial growth.

Transport & Logistics

Thiel Partners meets the unique accounting demands of transport and logistics companies, including trucking, shipping and equipment importation. We excel in adapting to the complex and ever-evolving GST rules across the board, maintaining your financial operation efficiency and compliance.