Private Client Services

Private Client Services

Thiel Partners offer a range of private client services to help manage and protect wealth along with providing expert advice and guidance. We have a diverse collection of private client services, which include but are not limited to:

  • Financial Planning
  • Superannuation
  • Succession Planning
  • Asset Protection
  • Estate Planning
  • Charitable Trust Formation

We believe that the hard stuff should be left up to the professionals, and being accountants in the Gold Coast we appreciate your work-life balance. Our financial planning services will provide you with the necessary tools to manage your assets, income, and any other related money matters. This will give you the opportunity to grow your financial portfolio rather than spending time worrying about it. We also offer competitive asset protection; this is a beneficial service for you to have peace of mind knowing the experts are here to keep your assets safe.

Our highly reputable and trustworthy professionals take pride in offering dynamic private client services and taking care of charitable trust formations. Rest assured, we are help to help you.

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What are Private Client Services

Thiel Partners are dedicated to providing quality services to our generous client base. In order to reach your goals you must be organized with a great handle on your own personal finances. Our goal is to assist you in reaching your goal. Financial planning is critical to investors and business owners, so we focus on your personal finances along with those of your business.

We are dedicated to providing you with organized and easy to understand plans for your personal and business finances. In doing this we are confident to see you on your path to growing success.

To ensure absolute peace of mind we take care of your estate planning, power of attorney and wills. In the event where loss happens we will act as your power of attorney, ensuring your assets, finances, and superannuation is dealt with accordingly. In doing so we will ensure your assets are protected and you can rest assured Thiel Partners are you go-to team for your private client needs.

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Asset Protection

Don’t hold back from your new business ventures for fear of loss. We specialize in protecting your assets so you don’t have to!

Grow Your Wealth

Our dynamic financial plans hold the power to watch your income soar while you appreciate your work/life balance.

Know your Plan

We specialize in giving you powerful tools to formulate your plans to growing success. Let us help you!

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