Sponsorship and Mentoring

Sponsorship and Mentoring

Thiel Partners is strongly committed to reinvesting back into the business community through its mentoring program.

Our team of Accountants is proud to be industry leaders who maintain unprecedented professional standing in their networks. We are dedicated to empowering young entrepreneurs, and providing the opportunity to understand important aspects of a well balanced business structure and a unique approach to dynamic dealings. We believe being industry leaders is an aspiration dedicated to providing quality and ethical services; this raises the levels of customer satisfaction, advocates a thriving team culture, and builds solid relationships.

Our sponsorship and mentoring program is unique to each individual and focuses on your needs for success. We collaborate with you to understand all of your goals, no matter how big or small. Your road to success and wealth is unique which is why we support your individual needs on the growing journey to victory.

Sponsored individuals receive tailored services from Thiel Partners and a committee of successful entrepreneurs, who devote time and energy in assisting the achievement of those goals.

The committee comprises a broad range of successful business people in various fields and professions. The selection process of committee members requires that such members are self-made and have achieved a high level of success or recognition in their industry sector or field.

How your entrepreneurial flair can help you gain unique and rare experience.

What is Sponsorship and Mentoring?

Thiel Partners are dedicated to recognizing and uncovering young and talented entrepreneurs who showcase innovation through a certain flair and commercial business wisdom. The opportunity for sponsorship will provide you with unique experiences, great future collaborations, and key industry secrets for your continued success. Through great sponsorship and mentoring programs Thiel Partners contribute to the wider accounting community by expanding dynamic, ethic, and trusted professionals within the industry.

As our clients’ comprise in a broad range of industry sectors, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals, we take pride in delivering particular expertise with our experienced advisors. Sponsorship and Mentoring with Thiel Partners will provide you with the relevant skills and experience to implement a world-class quality service. You will have access to industry leaders in Financial Planning, SMSF, Migration Services, Tax and Franchise Strategies, and Audit services among others.

Our sponsorship program provides you with access to a committee of successful entrepreneurs. Our committee comprises a dynamic range of highly ranked business people in a diverse range of fields and professions. We meticulously select partners for this committee, ensuring members are inspiring go-getters, self-made and have achieved high levels of success and recognition in a vast range of industries.

Thiel Partners have great long-standing professional relationships with a multitude of high profile mentors, and have taken advantage of this to help you on your way to achieving your goals.

Don’t miss the chance to take extra steps on your road to success.
With such a dynamic and informative opportunity to engage and network, we encourage all applications. Please get in touch for more information.

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Expand Your Career

Our inspiring mentoring committee is devoted to helping sponsored entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Professional Relationship

We have an abundance of beneficial industry contacts world-wide enabling you access to some of the worlds most successful business people

Industry Exposure

See yourself flourishing through many different industries with out wide access to unique and relevant clients.

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