Self-Managed Super Fund

Self-Managed Super Fund

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are fantastic for gaining more control over your retirement plan and superannuation. Many entrepreneurs take advantage of SMSFs to boost their retirement funds, add potential to current asset lists, and gain better control of the future. It’s no surprise many business owners are meticulous over their financial positions, and exploring SMSFs is a great investment towards retirement.

Thiel Partners are equipped to provide business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools to achieve and maintain success. We provide specialist services in the ever-evolving area of Self Managed Super Funds. In this we have developed crucial systems and procedures that enable us to help our customers stay on the right track, ensuring our clients participate in Government compliance.

We provide the following services in relation to Superannuation:

    • SMSF Taxation services.

Thiel Partners will prepare and lodge annual income tax returns, calculate and advise the best approach for the SMSFs tax liability or tax refund. We aim to provide an A class approach in assisting you with all matters regarding the needs of the Australian Tax Office.

    • SMSF Tax Consultation

We understand the importance of being prepared in regards to SMSFs tax matters. Our team of professionals will prepare annual financial statements, including operating and financial position statements
In doing this we will assist in managing and maintaining communication and correspondence with the Australian Tax Office.

    • SMSF Audits

Thiel Partners is highly regarded within the inner industry circles and maintains long-term working collaborations with well-known industry leaders. Because of this, we have the capacity to provide meticulous and compliant SMSF Audits. Our audits will ensure your fund is ethical, legally correct, and up-to-date with the ever-changing rules and regulations of self-managed super funds.

Everything the ATO wants you to know for your Self Managed Super Fund.

What is a Self-Managed Super Fund?

A Self Managed Super Fund is a private, self run superannuation fund regulated by the Australian Tax Office. SMSFs may have up to four members who must act as trustees or directors following a corporate trustee. SMSFs are a great tool to utilize managing your retirement fund and investments.

Thiel Partners are dedicated to providing quality specialist services in any stage of your SMSF journey. Our exclusive systems and procedures are what enable us to continue providing professional help to our clients who remain compliant with the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act (SIS Act)

Our highly motivated team has three key aspects to help keep you on the right track. These are SMSF Taxation Services, SMSF Tax Consultation, and SMSF Audits. To keep you on the right track we are dedicated to ensuring compliance is met within these three areas, thus following a successful SMSF. Our experience and dedication in achieving maximum results allows us to provide confidence and clarity to any of our clients.

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SMSF Freedom

Watch your retirement grow while we do the work for you! Our successful SMSF service gives you the confidence you need.

Taxation Services

Our professional Tax Moguls work around the clock so you don’t have to. Our Tax services are dedicated to your individual needs.

Peace of Mind

Thiel Partners perform in-depth SMSF Audits to ensure relevant compliance leaving you with nothing to worry about.

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